A kind of night with open beer cans

Alexandra Desravines

Staff Writer, Lake Worth Campus

The “That’s my kind of night” tour singer, Luck Bryan, didn’t hesitate to shake it for the

ladies in his tight blue jean during his South Florida concert at the Cruzan Amphitheatre.

Bryan, whose show was kicked-off by singer Lee Brice, with hits “Women like you”

and “I Don’t Dance” with an appearance by Cole Swindell, had the drinking class crowd with

their Dixie cups up and singing the lyrics out under the moonlight of September.

It was not like the country fans could not carry a tune in a bucket. Gussied up from head

to toes, the tailgaters filled the theater to its maximum capacity. With a very high percentage of

female fans.

Passed out spectators were smoothly carried out by the paramedic; a presence discreetly

operated with golf cars to attend the needed through recovery and sober mode. The sheriffs

guarded, keeping the drinkers in line and the overexcited fans in check. Which resulted in a

smooth country concert overlooking the overpriced food and beer.

The “Drunk on you singer,” who didn’t hesitate to express his opinion about the Florida

Heat, showed off his piano skills with country singer and songwriter Lee Brice who was brought

back on stage, and toasted to the crowd.

The American Country Awards winner who is set to end his tour in 2015, left the stage

with his latest hit “play it again,” and famous hit “Country girl (shake it for me)” had heart

throbbing country listeners with plenty to go home with.