A Farewell to Professor Stephen Gibson

Michelle Ramirez

Editor, Belle Glade

Over the years, you might have seen him in the hallways or in pictures on campus walls. Maybe he has even highlighted all over your paper. He has been there to teach parents and even their kids. This is Professor Stephen Gibson.

He has been on the Belle Glade campus for 32 years and is now saying goodbye as an English and American Literature instructor. A wise man, he believes that it is someone younger to fill his shoes. His work at Palm Beach State College has always been about the students.

Gibson said that he is happy with what he has accomplished.

Belle Glade campus student Marcel Diaz said, “He is one of the funniest teachers I’ve had, yet inspiring and the best storyteller.”

Even though he is retiring from teaching, Gibson is not stopping there. He will publish two more poetry books. His books are actually available for checkout in the College library. And he still wants to help college students.

At a Belle Glade campus goodbye event, Gibson read a few of his poems. His poetry is like no other with a very unique way of writing. His poems were amusing and vivid with a realist way of expressing the experiences he has had in his life. His poems showed another side of him.

“I really like how he used historical references throughout the poetry,” stated Belle Glade campus student Sophie Guerra. “It gave the poems more depth than usual.”

Students, faculty and staff all got together to thank him for all of the work he has put into helping students become successful with their education.